Travel Guide to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania

Travel Guide to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania

Travel Guide to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania - Located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, in the Mid-Atlantic region, is the most-populous city in the United States fifth. Often referred to as "Philly," the city is bordered by the Philadelphia County. Philadelphia sits adjacent to the border of New Jersey and Delaware, and thus, a metropolitan area that includes counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Philadelphia, often referred to as the "Birthplace of America" and referred to as the "new Athens" at the beginning of its existence, is the birthplace of modern American democracy. Founded by William Penn in the late 17th century, the town name translates to "City of Brotherly Love" and has been the seat of freedom since the beginning, originally founded by Quakers, the colony promoted religious freedom among the population in contrast with the UK time.

Known for his role in the American Revolutionary War , Philadelphia saw the convening of the Continental Congress and the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution . Shortly after the beginning of the nation took place in Philadelphia , the city was named the capital of the country , that role is filled from 1790 to 1800, when Washington , DC took over.
Travel Guide to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania
Travel Guide to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania
Benjamin Franklin , perhaps the city 's most famous resident , is responsible for the city's alternative title , the " new Athens . " While Franklin 's most famous experiment dealt with the cultivation of electricity , it is also responsible for the country 's first insurance company , the first public library The city and fire department first , Franklin also plays a major role in establishing the city as well as the postal system is the ease of creating new like bifocals and the Franklin Stove.

Philadelphia has seen her name in the sky and the lights throughout the year for blockbusters such as " Rocky " series ( the statue of " Rocky III " still stands prominently outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art ) , as well as films like namesake " Philadelphia " and many of the original Philadelphia M. thriller Night Shyamalan .
The Liberty Bell is right in the center of Philadelphia in a pavilion near Independence Hall . The Liberty Bell was a huge part in the history of Philly.

It sounded to announce the news of the passing of the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 in the UK . John Sartain in his book , Reminiscences of a Very Old Man , claims the bell cracked during this announcement : " The final part of the Emancipation Act by the British Parliament associated with little history of Philadelphia On receipt of news in Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell at the State House tower tolled , and cracks in the ring . When I go up in the tower in 1830 , two years after , see the bell cracked for the first time , Downing , who was keeper of Independence Hall , told me that and say that the bell refused to ring to British law , even when the law is good."

By Plane to Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania

Philadelphia International Airport ( IATA : PHL , ICAO : KPHL ) is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley , just minutes from the city and is served by taxis and the SEPTA R1 Regional Rail Line . Taxis offer a flat rate of $ 28.50 from the airport to the city center.

The R1 railway line serves each terminal throughout the day until around midnight and takes about twenty minutes to travel between the airport and downtown Philadelphia , making stops at all the major commuter tunnel stations : 30th Street Station ( Amtrak ) , Suburban Station ( Penn Center , City Hall ) and Market East Station ( East Market Street , The Gallery , Pennsylvania Convention Center , Reading Terminal ).

Tickets for the R1 train can be purchased on-board trains , cash only , for $ 7 . Tickets purchased at the ticket window at the station in Center City costs $ 6 . You can also buy a day pass for $ 11 valid on all regional rail trains after 09:30 except to New Jersey either on-board the train or at the ticket office.

However , if you buy on-board trains note that to use in addition to pass on SEPTA Regional Rail service, you have to trade your pass to Independence Pass at the ticket office in the city center . A family pass is available for $ 25 ; same restrictions apply . Alternately , the # 37 SEPTA bus stops at all terminals ( Directly outside baggage claim ) and into South Philadelphia, terminating in a subway station Broad Street Line " Snyder . " Trip costs $ 2 for cash , paid to the driver.

Dominant carrier at PHL is U.S. Airways, which offers flights to destinations throughout the United States and Europe , as well as some to Latin America . Southwest has become a major domestic competitor U.S. Airways ' in PHL , and two flights continue to try to outbid each other fares on many routes trunk.

Alternatively , you can fly into Newark International Airport ( IATA : EWR , ICAO : KEWR ) or Baltimore - Washington International Airport ( IATA : BWI , ICAO : KBWI ) , each having a connection more or less directly by Amtrak to 30th Street Station ( 1 hour from EWR , 80 minutes from BWI ) . Airport in New York and Washington - other regions are far less comfortable.

Philadelphia proper also has a Northeast Philadelphia Airport ( IATA : PNE , ICAO : KPNE ) . PNE is the 6th busiest airport Pennsylvania . Opened in 1945 , which is a great help to the city, where PHL ( then called the Philadelphia Municipal Airport ) is closed . Currently , it operates as a general aviation airport and the city does not have commercial airline service scheduled.

Park in Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania

  1. Fairmount Park. Technically , Fairmount Park covers all city parks in Philadelphia such as Pennypack Park in the northeast and Wissahickon Valley Park in the northwest , but the name also refers more specifically to a large park on either side of the Schuykill River northwest of the city center . East Fairmount Park is home to the Smith Memorial Playground , Dell East Concerts , and driving range . West Fairmount Park , much of which has been renamed The Centennial District , including the Mann Music Center ( where the Philadelphia Orchestra playing in the summer ) , Japanese tea , Please Touch Museum for children in a restored Memorial Hall ( from the Centennial celebration of the nation ) . Wisshickon Valley is just that , with many hiking trails , the Valley Green Inn ( a wonderful place to eat ) , and walking / biking , trail riding horeseback known as the Forbidden Drive.
  2. Clark Park, 43rd & Chester. Clark Park is the area of ​​outdoor music festival and art in West Philadelphia . editing
  3. LOVE Park . A square near City Hall , known for its Robert Indiana " LOVE " sculpture and to attract skateboarders from around the world ( although the ban skating in the park ) . Since 2002 , this ban was strictly enforced . Free wireless access is now available in the park . editing
  4. Rittenhouse Square . One ( southwest ) of William Penn's original " five squares" public open space in the city , Rittenhouse Square sits in between the classic and classy Rittenhouse hotels and residences and attracts people from all over the world . It is named after David Rittenhouse , a clockmaker and astronomer . Today, you can find Rittenhouse Row , where there are tons of places nearby to eat , stay and take in the art and culture of Philadelphia . Some eating places are : gelato and sorbetti Capogiro shop , Starr restaurant Continental and Marathon Grill . Accommodation includes Four Seasons Hotel , AKA Rittenhouse Square , Rittenhouse Hotel , and the Ritz - Carlton . Hot spots are cultural Kimmel Center , Wilma Theater , Prince Music Theater and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society . Other activities that can take part in when in Rittenhouse shopping . Some places including Barnes & Noble Booksellers ( with Starbucks Cafe inside on the 3rd floor ) , Armani Exchange , Philadelphia Runner , Guess , and only a few blocks away is Liberty Place . editing
  5. Washington Square ( southeast ) , Franklin Square ( northeast ) , Logan Square ( northwest ) , and City Hall (center ) form the other four original " box " created by William Penn . Four of the five boxes ( more commonly known as Logan Square Logan Circle ) rather symmetrically located at the four corners of an imaginary square around the central City Center , which is now occupied by City Hall . Centre Hall City Square is a large compass on the ground . There are four arches leading into it . Logan Circle , named after William Penn's secretary James Logan , was considered as the gateway to Fairmount Park and the Art Museum area . Until 1823 , Logan Circle was the location of the execution and burial ground . Located in Logan Circle is the Swann Memorial Fountain . Washington Square near Independence Hall . It is also used as a burial place and in addition, as a field of pottery . Franklin Square is located on the outskirts of Chinatown at 6th and Race Streets . It is home to the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel , has a field - Philadelphia -themed miniature golf course , two playgrounds , and a gift shop . Such as Logan Circle , Franklin Square also has a fountain . The new technology causes water to shoot lower on rainy days or windy so by standers do not become soggy .
  6. FDR Park , which is known as " The Lakes " to locals , is a district in South Philadelphia near the stadium . It offers many activities such as fishing , bird watching , tennis , baseball and rugby . There is also a skatepark under the bridge running across the park . Located in the FDR is Bellaire Manor .
  7. Pennypack Park began large city park across the Northeast Philadelphia . The park includes rivers , waterfalls , biking , dog walking trails , and home to the Pennypack Park Music Festival . The music festival was originally started in the 1970s , but no longer exist in the 90s , due to insufficient funds . Live music festival back in 2000 with funding from local organizations . Pennypack is a thriving park used by residents daily Northeast .
  8. Penn Treaty Park , which is located in Delaware and Columbia Aves . The neighborhood known as Fishtown. Legend has it that it was here in 1682 William Penn and the Lenape Indian made ​​a treaty known as the Treaty of Penn . Just north of Center City along the banks of the Delaware River Penn Treaty Park is the pride of the community with many events throughout the year , as well as attracting many visitors to the beautiful view of the river . Park has walking trails , picnic tables , benches , a playground for children and an open field for other activities . In May 2012 Yosemite has been recognized by the Philadelphia Historical Commission and placed on the Registrar of Philadelphia Historic Places. Penn Treaty Park is home to : an Obelisk of Treaty Land was founded in 1827 , William Penn statue unveiled 1982 ; Bob Haozous Penn Treaty statue was placed in 1991.

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